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#0030- Adams SinClick for Sermon Outline

Adam’s sin has corrupted all men to the point of making us incapable of finding acceptance with God. Have you ever wondered what it was within Adam that gave him the propensity to sin? We explore this subject in detail. You will find the audio sermon, on this subject, below.


#0031- Death in the Kingdom Click for Sermon Outline

Death is never a pleasant subject to discuss. However, it is a necessary topic of discussion, especially when the deceased is a New Testament Baptist Church. As long as you do not guard the membership of the church, you are fulfilling the desire of Satan. Laxity in membership is a sure sign of apostasy! 


#0032- Revive My Soul Click for Sermon Outline

Maintenance of our soul is the most important work we can do. We can be no help if our soul is not right with the Lord. Sin will break your fellowship and hinder your service. It is important for us to understand how the Holy Spirit, our Comforter, works with us. Leading us by outward direction and inward impulse, we will receive numerous details about this leading, along with chapter and verse examples.      


#0033- When Thou Awakest Click for Sermon Outline

No one would want to live their life without it. It is the only thing God has placed above His own name. We are talking about God’s Holy Word. When we read the scriptures we learn that they speak to us. Not audible, but to our heart, that is, our mind. Both of these words are often translated from the same Greek word, psyche. This message is taken from Proverbs 6:22 “…and when thou awakest, it shall talk with thee.


#0034- The Holy Spirit Click for Sermon Outline

Possibly the most neglected one of the Godhead, Bro. King gives us a very basic lesson on this most important subject. Breaking down our lesson between His essence and His abilities, we have a unique view of our Paraclete. To be a child of God and indwelt by the Holy Spirit means unlimited possibilities for the disciple. Bro. King will be adding his study on the Holy Spirit located on the Theological Studies page. This is the course on the Holy Spirit he taught to his theology class at John Leland College.  


#0035- So Detached it is Sinful – also known as Baptist Abortions  Click for Sermon Outline

Preachers preach against going to an abortion clinic to have an abortion, but most abortions now occur in one’s own home. It’s not just the “Morning After” pill that is abortifacient, it is the older versions of contraception that end the life of a child. All would do well to study this for yourselves and warn your daughters and granddaughters. 


#0036- The Responsibility of Influence Click for Sermon Outline

Everyone has the ability to influence people, some more than others. It is our duty as a Baptist to fulfill our obligations to God. We are to be a help, we are to do good works, and we will be judged on this very thing! May God lead us to be the saint that influences people to walk a Holy walk for the Lord.


#0037- Stand in Thy Lot Click for Sermon Outline

This message begins in the book of Daniel and the prophet outlines the last half of Israel’s history for us. He further teaches us to stand in our lot at the end of days. Eternity awaits, but some have an eternal damnation, while we have life, eternal life everlasting. To wait is a grave mistake, stand in our lot now before it is eternally too late. 


#0038- Fear God Click for Sermon Outline

The fear is gone, so it seems. This world is about as bad as it has ever been and all seem to have lost godly fear. Parents take their children to the ballgame or lake on a Sunday, without reservation. They have not one care in the world on the “Lord’s Day,” but they should. God said repent, and he will not be mocked! This sermon takes us from Revelation to Genesis in detailing the importance of professing godly fear.  


#0039- Rationally Broken Click for Sermon Outline

The Holy Scriptures are God’s communication to us in these last days. Some doctrines, sermons, and church practices are not rational. The Holy Word is both logical and spiritual coming from a supernatural source. We can not benefit from it if we do not understand it. Listen, from the pulpit of Danville Baptist Church, as we hear from the scriptures how God’s men, such as the apostle Paul, reasoned with men so they might have life abundantly. 


#0040- Samson De-consecratedClick for Sermon Outline

Listen as the man of great strength has his weaknesses exposed in the Word of God. We will learn valuable lessons from the life of Samson as he becomes de-consecrated before your eyes.  


#0041- Vessel PossessionClick for Sermon Outline

The Bible encourages us on several occasions to properly possess our vessel. Today’s society doesn’t understand old biblical virtues and morality. Even so-called “preachers,” are divorced or preform marriages for people that do not lawfully (according to God’s law) have a right to exercise certain liberties.


#0042- Demons and Damned People Click for Sermon Outline

Have you ever considered if you were serving Satan instead of Christ? Many people  are, in their own way, worshiping the devil on Sunday rather than God. One of the first places you should look is your profession. Millions give a “profession of faith,” but does it match the biblical standards? 


#0043- Nobility is Dead Click for Sermon Outline

Has the word noble been removed from the English language? It sure seem to be the days in which we live. Paul, the apostle, spoke of some being more noble than others. We will venture into the Bible that reveals to us what true nobility is.


#0044- How Can We Walk Together? Click for Sermon Outline

In this morning’s sermon, we will find what it is that allows us to function and fellowship together. Is it more than just agreement? Or, is it what agreement is based upon?


#0045- Sabachthani Click for Sermon Outline

Bro. King investigates the truth about this word we hear when Christ hangs on Calvary’s cross. We will consider Greek, Aramaic and the English Translation in this insightful passage of scripture. 


#0046- The Cup – Click for Sermon Outline

Controversial and neglected would probably describe this doctrine. The “Cup” has been misinterpreted countless times and it is too important to not know its true meaning. Often, this passage is explained as Christ’s plea to God the Father not to die. But it is nothing close to that, as we will see in this timely message.


#0047- Gather at Shecham ConsecrationClick for Sermon Outline

How many times have we considered Joshua’s important declaration,as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.But it is what surrounds this statement that makes it so compelling. The examples, commitments and agreement strengthen these words that so many beyond Joshua have proclaimed as their own.  


#0048- Orthodox Click for Sermon Outline

So many good words have been taken from, or neglected by Baptist folk today. We need to re-institute certain words back in our vocabulary. Words like orthodoxy, piety and apostasy. This morning the pastor labors on this important word found in God’s original scriptures.


#0049- Philanthropy Click for Sermon Outline

Baptists preach against “good works” and rightly so when it comes to being justified before God by faith in Christ. But… we should be preaching and practicing diligently the need for “good works” in our life. Today, many wealthy people are described as philanthropist, but it should be the character and testimony of Baptists that have the reputation for philanthropy. 


#0050- Expanding the Kingdom Click for Sermon Outline

Bro. King is passionate about re-establishing the great teachings of the Lord and the apostles about the Kingdom of God. Neglected too long by the pulpit, we take a good look at how the Kingdom is expanded. 

**Bro King will also be adding on our “Theology Page” a series on the “Kingdom of God vs. Kingdom of Satan.” 


#0051- Not Much Longer Click for Sermon Outline

Many of us have heard from our youth up, “it will not be much longer now.” This is even more true today. God has been very long suffering towards us and our families and friends. Soon this world will be over and we are reminded of this in today’s sermon.


0052-Abels OfferingClick for Sermon Outline

Misunderstood… is not a strong enough word to describe what happens when Cain and Abel are the subject of Bible lessons. Their offerings are misrepresented. God’s words to Cain are misrepresented and usually folk give up on what the true and accurate message is suppose to be. There are two parts to this study. Dive into the scriptures with Danville Baptist Church as they feed on the Word of God as it becomes clear and digestible. A true jewel of a message in the book of Genesis.    


#0053- It is a Holy Reverence Click for Sermon Outline

Civil disobedience, disobedience to parents, seems to show that respect and reverence is not what many people practice today. If a child, for example, does not learn to respect people they can see and live with, how can they be expected to reverence the Lord that is in the heavens? Priorities do matter and are taught in God’s Holy Book. 


#0054- Let us Consider God Click for Sermon Outline

Baptists have lost their “thinkers” of old. To sit down and contemplate God is necessary to us. How much can our finite mind acquire when it comes to the knowledge of God? Have you ever considered God’s justice? To acquire themind of Christ is vital and useful to our every day lives.


#0055- Getting Beyond the False ProfessionClick for Sermon Outline

A false profession; how sobering it is to the busy mind concerned with the things of the world. To the minister that aids in the false profession; making onetwo fold more the child of hellthan they were originally. To the youngster that was coaxed down the isle; repent now, while it is the day of salvation. ”   


#0056- The Dark Soul Click for Sermon Outline

Not everyone suffers from this darkness in a clinical sense, but many find themselves in despair, unable to function on a daily basis. Why? Listen as Bro. King preaches a message on despondency and it’s effects on the soul. While this is not an exhaustive message on the subject, many of God’s people may find their pain listed on one of the three forms of depression taught in the Word of God.  


#0057- From Providence to Fruition Click for Sermon Outline

The scriptures are true even if the preacher is not. God’s providence is a great subject through the Holy Word. We will consider the life of experiencing God’s providence to judicial fruition. Although we have been judicially glorified, there are many things we will experience along this road together.


#0058- 501-c3 Click for Sermon Outline

Taxes and money, not always pleasant subjects or subjects commonly found in the pulpit. This morning’s message will consider just how important that tax exempt status is and what you are willing to give up to keep it.


#0059- Art of Deception Click for Sermon Outline

Since most preachers preach different doctrine and hardly agree on any subject, everyone cannot be correct! Deception, corruption and evil rhetoric seem to be the message of the day. There is one Lord, one Faith, and one Baptism says the Bible. But that is not what man says. Who is right and why use these devises to help damn people for eternity?   


#0060- Whatever You Want Click for Sermon Outline

Consider one moment your judgment.  What do you believe will be said to you? Consider this: What if, when we get to heaven, God says; I could have given you so much more. What could that be based on from the Bible? Have you ever read this verse, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”


#0061 Anathema Maranatha – Click for Sermon Outline

Taking evidence to the judgement seat is a requirement given to us. To show our love and faithfulness to our savior should be evident in our lives. The scriptures not only show a love, but also a curse. A study on these two scriptural words will help guide us on the road to a heavenly judgement before us.


#0062 Our Gospel – Click for Sermon Outline

The greatest story ever told. Great because of its ability, great because it is eternal affects. Jesus dies on Calvary’s  cross for those the Father givethHim. Jesus saidI do always those things that please him“. Listen to the great message is told one more time, years after the crucifixion and delivered to lost folks in need of a savior. 


#0063 A Little History – Click for sermon outline

Martyrdom; not a pleasant subject, yet it provides comfort to the saint. Going back many years this was a real issue for those that defended the Faith. Sources are provided on our outline and soon Bro. King will be publishing a series on Baptist Persecution.   


#0064 Tasting Grace – Click for sermon outline


#0065 More about Jesus – Click for sermon outline


#0066 Friend of the Bridegroom – Click for sermon outline

John the Baptist had a ministry from the Lord. No one on earth can weigh how important it was. But there was a time in John’s ministry he knew it as about over. Hear the message about the close of John the Baptist ‘s ministry as he said, in his own words,”this my joy is fulfilled“. 


#0067 True Repentance Click for sermon outline

Can you find a more neglected doctrine? Bro. Brong often spoke of the need and the importance of repentance, once saying “it is a major theme of the Bible“. In this study Bro. King will show two Greek words translated to the same English word “Repentance” and the difference in there meaning. This will help all of be aware of the meaning each time we read in the Holy Scriptures.  


#0069 …from the beginning of the year – Click for sermon outline

The first message of the year, Bro. King gives insight to continued service. As the years roll by, we must remain faithfully diligent in our service to the Lord. Join us as we praise our Creator and thank him for calling us to this great ministry!


#0072 Gates of the Kingdom – Click for sermon outline

Preaching on thestrait and narrow used to be a common theme in the Lord’ house, but not today. Are as many truly “saved” as preachers say? An outside source weighs in on the discussion, a student of Socrates is cited by many.Dost thou not perceive a narrow door, and a pathway before the door, in no way crowded, but few, very few, go in thereat?” Cebes


#0073 Try the Spirits – Click for sermon outline

There are different types of Spirits. The scriptures say,Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:” What does this mean,try the spirits“? And why the instruction to do so? Not all ministers are of the Lord, that is for sure, and not all have your best interest at heart.


#0074 A Most Difficult Task – Click for sermon outline

To judge our self is a very hard task. We have to look at our mental and moral qualities that comprise our character. The standard by which we judge will make all the difference as to our conclusion. Yet, we are required of the Lord to do so. Follow along with Danville Baptist Church as they sharpen their judgement tools so to better serve the Lord.


#0075 In Defense of Details Click for sermon outline

Taken from the Psalmist when he speaks ofhis dark sayings“. Messages to day are as “cream puff” as those that preach them. No detail at all and spiritually empty would be an accurate description of the average sermon. This is a sermon defending the importance of details.    


#0076 Trinity Named Elohim Click for sermon outline

True Baptist are Trinitarians and the doctrine of the TRINITY is foundational to all other Biblical teaching.  


#0078 In Defense of Preaching  – Click for sermon outline

Preaching is a form of proclaiming the Word of God. It’s generally associated with the pulpit, but not always.  Biblical preaching has its enemies. Biblical preaching has it’s friends. This will be the scope of today’s message. 


#0079 The Greatest Heresy Click for sermon outline

Infant baptism is an offence to saints and Christ. ye sin against Christ.


#0080 The Greatest Idol -Click for sermon outline

Idol: An image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.
Presumption: An idea that is taken to be true, and often used as the basis for other ideas,
although it is not known for certain.


#0081 Thou Gavest Me No Kiss – Click for sermon outline

No doctrine is insignificant and Paul taught us to preach “the whole council of God“. Follow along as we see the scripture reveal what a church of the Lord should know.


#0083 Mysterious MannaClick for sermon outline


#0084 The Greatest Loss of a Man – Click for sermon outline

Anyone would run quickly to a doctor before they loose a finger. But people sit idly by as the loose their own soul. “The conscience is the Throne of Judgment, so by the conscience the evil or good of such things are tried;” Bunyan


#0085 Wisdom Personified – Click for sermon outline

O ye simple, understand wisdom: and, ye fools, be ye of an understanding heart. The design of Wisdom is to make men wise where they are simple and it is capable of giving understanding to fallen man. The ‘simple’ are those liable to be led astray and the ‘fools’ are those actually guilty of sinful folly and error.


#0086 Justice – Sin- Sinner – Click for sermon outline

Our text is from Nahum and our message is true justice.  “To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrificeWith God- Justice trumps everything.