Baptist Persecution – Trail of Blood

Baptist Persecution- Trail of Blood and The Antichrist

This page is dedicated to Baptist history and those who followed Christ “even unto death“. 

In 1950 Bro. Clarence Walker started a “preachers’ school” for young men to be trained in the ministry. This school became known as Lexington Baptist College located in Lexington Ky. (This is the college Bro. King graduated from in 1989.)

Bro. Walker was pastor of Ashland Ave. Baptist Church at the time and had a love for Baptist history.  He invited J.M Carroll to lecture and with the help of J.W. Porter, those lectures were recorded. Below is a pdf of that famous little book.


The Trail of Blood- Click here for the Book

In 2010 Danville Baptist Church produced a 6 part series called “The Trail of Blood and The Antichrist“.  Bro. King gave six lectures using the Trail of Blood Chart highlighting Baptist persecution and the persecutor. Baptist have left original biblical doctrine concerning the prophecies of pending persecution and the office of the persecutor offered in the Holy Bible.  


This 6 part series is available to you at no cost and we will pay the shipping. Many saints, including missionaries and pastors, have received this study in different parts of the world. From Hawaii to Saudi Arabia, we will be glad to send a complete set to you. (Packaging will be discreet when requested due to its danger – ex. Middle East etc.) 


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