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The Heresy of Dispensationalism


Danville Baptist Church is a historical Baptist church holding to the same truth as the early apostles. Long before the Catholic Church came into existence, Baptists have been contending “for the faith once delivered to the saints.” Church authority; as described by Christ in the gospels, as well as Luke in the Acts of the Apostles, gives us resounding assurance that true authority lies with the New Testament Baptist Church and not the counterfeit “apostolic authority” offered by Satan. As a part of “The Faith” given to the Lord’s Church, it is our responsibility to see that the gospel is clearly and accurately proclaimed to the world. This is a feat in which the Catholic Church has failed. They have changed the message of faith into a message of works.

We invite Danville residents, as well as those in surrounding counties, to visit us during our service times. We understand that there are several options in choosing a church to attend, and from the outside looking in, there is not too much difference in each church. Danville Baptist considers itself a church that welcomes visitors, but has much more to offer in way of structure and practice. Many truths have suffered in recent years due to the popularity sermons, meaning sermons that folks are willing to hear. These sermons must be around 20 minutes in length and a message that is more suited for a “pep rally” than a Baptist pulpit. While all visitors are welcome, the nominal Christian probably won’t endure. The lost will have an opportunity to hear a true gospel message, but will not be encouraged to “just add Christ to their life” in order to add a name to our roll. Parents and Grandparents that love their family will want to attend, along with their children and grandchildren, because they will not find a church busy with social activities, (no ball teams or shopping adventures- many other churches/clubs offer such activities) but rather a church engulfed in worship and service.

Danville Baptist Church sees the value in preaching the whole council of God.  In other words, we prefer doctrine (truth) over activities that keep us busy for the sake of keeping busy. You will find that messages are biblically based and not full of opinion. We have Sunday School and an afternoon class for all. The ages of our children run from preschool through high school. Many in our membership drive from Frankfort and Georgetown each service. The day in which we live, is a day that Baptist churches are apostatizing. Men and women who love the Lord can rarely find a House of God where they can attend and not be battered with false doctrine, legalism, situational ethics etc. Please take time and view our website. We welcome any questions you may have and look forward to seeing you at one of our services.